Aquatic is a full service digital studio located in San Francisco. We support businesses of all shapes and sizes in achieving their online goals. We specialize in web design, web development, and internet marketing.

Our Approach.






In a word: Simple. The internet can be a hard place to do business. Phones, tablets, security, SEO, compatibility, mailing lists. Yikes! We’ve spent the past 10 years honing our skills to drown out the noise and focus on the things that make business’s successful.

We want our clients to spend their days doing what they love- not updating spreadsheets, fixing Wordpress plugins, and worrying about hackers. We have a tried and true approach to building online businesses that leaves you with a beautiful, usable, engaging website.

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What We Offer.

Web Design

Your brand is your business. In these days, it’s all too easy to get a cheap WordPress theme and have the same website as your competitors. But how many of those themes were made understanding your unique place in the market? Good design sets businesses apart and makes them successful. Whether you’re rebranding or creating a new brand, Aquatic can help you speak loud and clear to your audience with a visual style that inspires trust, elegance, and conversion.

Some examples of design projects at Aquatic:

  • Custom website design
  • Custom WordPress theme design
  • Logo Design / Identity packages
  • User interface design
  • Product design
  • Web application design
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Web Development

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about how your website scales, loads, performs and tests across all devices at all times? Well, now you don’t. Whether you’re running a super bowl commercial, you have international marketing campaigns running 24/7, or you just like it when things are done right the first time you can trust Aquatic. We’re passionate about custom WordPress development, creating high availability Ruby on Rails apps, and helping our clients create scalable, elegant solutions to their web development challenges.

Some examples of web development projects at Aquatic:

  • Custom WordPress themes
  • Expression Engine websites
  • Custom Ruby on Rails apps
  • Migrating architecture to Amazon Web Services
  • Scaling web applications
  • Custom WordPress plugins
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Good internet marketing in 2016 is about filtering out the noise. We’re not going to get you to the first page on Google in a day (no one is). What we can do is set you up with a strong, long term content strategy, optimize your website for maximum visibility, and give you the levers to pull to drive real sales to your business. We’re passionate about calculating customer acquisition costs, delivering ROI over time, and scaling websites to become cash cows for our clients.

Some previous marketing projects at Aquatic include:

  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Billboard design
  • SEO strategy
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