Swarm website built by Aquatic in San Francisco

In Early 2013, a small start up called Swarm hired Aquatic to build their wildest dreams. Just 2 years later, Swarm had 3,000 customers, a 6 month waiting list and was acquired by Groupon. From idea to acquisition, Aquatic was Swarm’s trusted partner for engineering and design. Aquatic worked closely with the founders and the sales team to bring products to market, acquire customers, raise a Series A, and build out their engineering team. Swarm was a Silicon Valley underdog success story, competing against much bigger companies with more money and more engineers and Aquatic couldn’t be happier with the results. We wish the guys at Swarm the best in their new Groupon home and can’t wait to propel more startups to such great heights.

Founded in 2012, Swarm is a venture-backed technology company with headquarters in San Francisco, California, and offices in New York and Australia. Swarm is committed to helping small business retailers understand their businesses and customers better. Our family of smart retail devices, coupled with advanced retail analytics and a comprehensive retail management platform, can help retailers increase sales through superior insights. Swarm’s ongoing commitment to building innovative tools means that retailers can have detailed data and advanced personalization and marketing techniques for physical stores that are on par with online retail businesses.